About our client

Our client is a recently established insolvency association that operates in four locations across Australia. The organisation is part of ASIC and AFSA’s stakeholder liaison group and has led important policy reforms within the industry.


Business challenge

For three years the national association administered its memberships manually, which was both time-consuming and fallible to human error.


Problem statement

How do we leverage digital technology to automate our membership registration and renewal processes?


Our solution

With deep expertise in digital transformation, CCGM Business Advisory built an automated contact management system that enabled a hands-off approach to membership administration.

Through proven and structured analysis and design methods, our skilled consultants and software engineers identified the clients’ needs and pain points and assisted them in ideating several potential digital solutions.

The system comprised of a self-service membership registration accompanied with an online payment portal, as well as an automated, notification-powered membership renewal and expiration process. At the focal point of our newly designed system was automation, with the purpose of saving time and money and to avoid human error.

These solutions were tested with real clients resulting in group-wide alignment.



● Through aligning the association’s core business processes with technology, it is positioned for sustainable growth in its membership registrations.
● All stakeholders within the association see an increase in available time and resources, allowing emphasis to be placed on enhancing its existing services and advocacy efforts.


Key success measures

By leveraging digital solutions, essential activities of the association were transformed into automated processes.