Read about the past year from the perspective of senior management.

2020 brought a year of trials and tribulations for individuals and businesses alike. Many businesses closed; some became zombie companies dependent on JobKeeper payments; others remained solvent solely due to the temporary removal of debt collection procedures by the Federal Government. The timely response of the government, whether through fiscal stimulus or wage subsidies, ensured that many individuals who required assistance, received it.

On a personal note, our business operations were not significantly impacted because we had fortunately adopted remote work and a paperless office a few years prior. Changes were then not as instrumental for us, although we were required to cancel flights and the set-up of new offices in India and the Philippines. In light of all that has occurred, I would like to share a few thoughts about what I have learnt:

● Employees, who are reliable, loyal and hardworking, can help you and your business endure through any crisis, whether a recession or a pandemic.

● Remote work is here to stay. The world’s largest work-from-home experiment will lead to a permanent shift in the future of the workplace.

● Mental health is little spoken about, but of utmost importance. Fatigue and burnout happens. Support the people around you.

● Being able to adapt, both in business and personal life, will keep you afloat, no matter how difficult the times may seem. It is an evolutionary truth.

● Wealth is nothing without health. Take care of yourselves and your family. Wear a mask. Relationships and human connection is what matters in life above all else.

Finally, I am grateful for all the clients who have supported and trusted us this year. We are working hard to make your business as successful as our own.

May 2021 be a year of health and happiness.